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How to Fix Knee Pain From Running

I’ve been running for several years now, and whenever I go on long runs, or run really fast, I get bad pains in my knee.
It usually starts out with my left (weaker) leg, and then if I keep going, my right leg joins in.

The pain is almost a sharp pain, like the bones are grinding together, and I’ve even gone to see several doctors for it who sent me to physical therapy.

I talked to my coach about this and he offered a very simple fix…

Basically, what happens to my knee is that the quad muscles and the muscles around the quad get very tight. They pull on all sorts of stuff in the knee area and that’s what causes the pain.

To solve my knee pain while running, all I have to do is stop stretch my quads. I usually do a 20 second quad stretch for each leg and that keeps me going for a few more miles and then I stretch again if the pain comes back.

Here’s a good video that explains how to do a quad stretch (you can also lean on something while you stretch if you need more balance)

For a longer term solution, I roll on a foam roller. I roll the quad, all the way up and down, then do the areas around the knee (but not on the knee itself, more towards the lower quad area). These rolls hurt like hell at first, but once I get through them, I feel much better.

these solutions do a great job fixing knee pain caused by running to the top of the knee, but what about the bottom of the knee? on that, next time.

Disclaimer: This blog and this post are not intended to offer any medical advice or any advice of any kind. The solutions I discuss here work for me and your situation may be different. Any action you take based on this blog is at your own risk. You should consult a medical professional if you feel any pain or discomfort.


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